Meredith Sumpter: On profitability that creates value for all

December 19, 2022
  • Just Energy Transition

Sustainable Future News speaks with Meredith Sumpter, CEO of the Council for Inclusive Capitalism, around how entrepreneurs and organisations are aligning sustainability and dynamism in their operations, and key attributes forward-thinking leaders need to possess.

“When it comes to corporate sustainability, it is very easy for one to nod their head at the right times and speak the language of placating platitudes, homespun homilies and business buzzwords. Yet frameworks, rather than fine words, are what is needed to bring about real change.

“The Council for Inclusive Capitalism aims to change this with its Just Energy Transition framework (JET). The Council is a membership group which describes itself as a ‘global movement of leaders doing business in ways that benefit people, communities, and the planet’, represents more than 200 million workers and $10 trillion (£8.09tn) in assets under management. The JET offers a framework for company action, committing to a community-specific approach with social consensus, diversity and transparency, alongside universal carbon neutral energy access for consumers.”

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