Meet the Council: Q&A with Fabio Scalet

September 10, 2021

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In our “Meet the Council” series, hear directly from the our Stewards and Allies why they are committed to making business fairer, more inclusive, and more sustainable.

Fabio Scalet is the CEO of Ad Maiora, a new media agency specialized in digital marketing and development of integrated projects.

Tell us about Ad Maiora and your priorities for inclusive capitalism?

Operating in the digital industry for more than two decades, when “digital” was a barely known term, we have learned to set our vision ahead of time. And the time for transforming the vision into actions is NOW. By joining The Inclusive Capitalism we are hoping to accelerate our transformation by adopting best practices from the world’s leading companies, as well as contributing our knowledge and skills to promoting the initiative.

What was the inspiration behind joining the Council and making commitments to inclusive capitalism?

We strongly believe that willingness to change the world is simply not enough, we have to start with ourselves. Thanks to the line of work that allows us to create communication projects for global brands, we know for certain that when like-minded people come together – great things happen. We were inspired by the idea of the Council to unite together companies from different industries but with similar beliefs, and not only bring them clarity of ideas, but also call to act on them. This proactive initiative is inspiring for us, and we certainly want to be a part of it.

In the media and advertising industry, talent is the core of a business. How are the principles of inclusive capitalism linked to your workforce strategy?

Ad Maiora always had a strong set of beliefs, that we proudly stand by for almost 25 years. Our workforce is the core of the company’s DNA, as it is through our team of specialists that we are able to transmit our philosophy to partners, clients and our community. As we are launching international advertising campaigns for biggest Italian and International companies, we understand how pivotal it is to convey a correct communication message for the social impact. Therefore we have always promoted an inclusive workspace, with a culturally sensitive and attentive approach being a priority. We treat these guidelines with ethics and transparency, and we are delighted to see how our core principles are reflected in the mission of the Council.

Why is making commitments to sustainability and inclusion important for a firm like Ad Maiora?

Sustainability and inclusion are vital principles for Ad Maiora, as they drive our decision making on a daily basis. Handling ecommerce strategies for biggest gross market multinationals globally, sustainability is the starting point for all our projects, especially when it comes to processes like shipment and delivery logistics. For these services we inevitably put environmental impact at the center of our strategic approach, and make sure it complies with the highest standards.
It is crucial for us to never stop improving, and we keep amplifying our vision each step of the way. By making commitments we are hoping to achieve even greater results and adopt new best practices of value creation.

How did the Council help Ad Maiora think about commitments in terms of time-based, metrics?

We have always paid extra attention to improving our internal processes, as well as transmitting the concept of advanced refinement across the industry. As a matter of fact, even before calling them “commitments” we have always set ourselves a set of goals and KPIs that we believe are crucial for our constant growth. By joining the council we were pleased to find our system of beliefs put into a systemized set of metrics, that made us rethink our efforts in terms of timeframes and future prospects.

What do you hope the Council will achieve in 2021? Over the next five years?

We certainly hope that the Council will reach its maximum potential, bringing together companies across industries and uniting them on their transition path to a better and sustainable future. We want to see initiative transcending to real life actions that might potentially change the course of the disturbing reality that the planet and humanity is facing right now.

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Fabio Scalet was born in 1967, and he graduated in computer sciences. He understood that relationships with people are the most important element for my professional growth. Fabio founded his Read More

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