Meet the Council: A Q&A with Trevor Jackson

May 06, 2021

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Trevor presenting at the China 100 EV Conference, Beijing 2019

This is the first in a new series to introduce new Council members and the actions they are taking to advance inclusive capitalism. Trevor Jackson is the Chairman of MAL Research and Development Limited, a UK company commercializing a new power system known as MAAPS (Metalectrique Advanced Aluminum Power System – Metalectrique Mission). Read more about their work here.


Tell us about your organization and your mission.

MAL Research and Development Limited is based in Plymouth, UK, and we’ve developed a unique technology which can replace fossil fuels in many transport and remote power applications. This technology has been independently verified and is patented. It is analogous to using a liquid fuel, but the ‘fuel’ we use is Aluminium and it is recyclable, affordable and links directly into the existing Aluminium industry and its infrastructure. This technology produces clean electric power, but for a much longer time that an equivalent rechargeable system.

Weight for weight, our technology will allow a Tesla to go nine times further than currently possible, and like the Tesla S, our power pack is designed to be swapped in 90 seconds. This means that it is now possible to have the same, or better, mobility as we currently enjoy when driving fossil fuel powered cars, but cleanly. Our philosophy is “The problem is the fuel, so let’s change the fuel”.

Aluminium is the most common metal on Earth and is safe, non-toxic, and recyclable. Most people don’t see it as a ‘fuel,’ but the space shuttle launch system solid rocket boosters were powered using Aluminium powder because it has a huge amount of energy. Because the Aluminium effectively flows around a green recycling system, it almost becomes a currency for powering things all over the world.

We’re getting ready to launch the system in 2021, and it will go live in Q4 after a series of demonstration events, starting with the Renault Zoe range extender, which will give the car an extra 300 miles range.

Why did you decide to join the Council?

We applied to join the Council so that we can connect with other organizations who may wish to join us in quickly establishing this technology as one way of practically addressing the climate problem in a timely manner. We’re an R&D company so we need service providers, logistics, government buy-in, guidance on scaling, and the investment to power it up.

How does your company align with the mission and principles of the Council?

Our focus is the provision of a clean transport technology that can be deployed rapidly with minimal infrastructure and with a cost basis that provides healthy margins for all participants in the cash pipeline driven by the product lifecycle. This aligns with three drivers for the Council: People, Planet, and Prosperity.

What was the inspiration behind your commitments to inclusive capitalism?

Our current commitment is centered on automotive application of our technology because it can be achieved this year via our current contract to deliver the Renault Zoe 300 mile range extender, and it should serve to demonstrate our technology in not only automotive but also electric flight, electric marine propulsion and remote power markets.

How did the work of the Council motivate you to act?

For me, the trigger for applying to join the Council was the unique combination of the caliber, reach, and gravitas of the participants with the moral inspiration from Pope Francis. There is an urgent need to fix the dangerous combination of climate change and societal fragmentation due to the degradation of role of the individual as a contributor in modern societies. It‘s a powerhouse with a really positive and accessible feel, and I’m looking forward to working with other Council members.

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Trevor Jackson is a mechanical dngineer and has spent most of his 30+ year career in design and development. He was sponsored by Rolls Royce & Associates Ltd. and graduated Read More

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