International Women’s Day Quotes: Meet the Women Championing Sustainability

March 08, 2023

For over 100 years, the 8th of March has been globally recognised as International Women’s Day. The day celebrates the women’s rights movement and brings attention to issues such as gender equality, reproductive rights, and violence and abuse against women. In this article, we showcase the remarkable accomplishments and inspiring International Women’s Day quotes of those leading the charge for sustainability.

Women continue to play a vital role in making the sustainable business field what it is today. As we celebrate International Women’s Day, Sustainable Future News is honoured to highlight some extraordinary women in sustainability who we have worked with and are currently making a difference in this space.

We’re thrilled to share their accomplishments and distinctive perspectives, including powerful International Women’s Day quotes, as we celebrate the remarkable women paving the way for sustainability.

Meredith Sumpter – CEO for the Council for Inclusive Capitalism

Meredith Sumpter is the CEO of the Council for Inclusive Capitalism, where she leads the work of the Coalition along with private, public, and civic stakeholders to drive reform initiatives that make capitalism inclusive and its benefits more widely and equitably shared.

Formerly, Sumpter was head of research & strategy at Eurasia Group, a global political risk advisory firm, overseeing the firm’s research platform and provided analysis on global politics. She previously led strategic advisory for Fortune 500 firms across East, Southeast and South Asia, worked in the US Senate, and served as a US diplomat in Beijing, where she advised two US ambassadors and analysed politics, economics, and security issues for the policy community.


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