Global Inclusive Growth Summit: How ‘doing well by doing good’ has become business as usual at Mastercard

Michael Miebach Chief Executive Officer Mastercard

Alfred Kelly

Alex Gorsky

Alex Gorsky

For almost a decade, Mastercard has been on a journey to reimagine the role of large, multinational corporations to be a force for good in the world. Recognizing that global problems require private and public sectors to work together and move beyond conventional philanthropic responses, CEO Ajay Banga put Mastercard’s core competencies and assets to work for the common good, and that, in turn, has become good for business. This journey from Corporate Social Responsibility to Commercially Sustainable Social Impact (CSSI) has mobilized resources and leader from across sectors to achieve change at scale. Renowned journalist Tina Brown engages Banga in a conversation about how ‘doing well by doing good’ has become business as usual at Mastercard.

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