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Lim Young Jin was elected as CEO of Shinhan Card in March 2017.

Lim Young Jin has held several high-ranking positions since 2009. He joined Shinhan Bank in February 1986 and worked as the chief secretary of Shinhan Bank in July 1997. In March 2003, he served as the branch manager of Shinhan Bank Japan’s Osaka branch. He was also the director of Shinhan Bank’s sales department in February 2009, the managing director of Shinhan Bank’s management group (deputy vice-president of the Bank) in January 2011, and vice president of Shinhan Bank’s management group in January 2013. He served as vice-president of Shinhan Bank and Shinhan Investment concurrently to lead the WM group of Shinhan Financial Group. Since then, he was appointed as vice-president of Shinhan Financial Group in January 2016 and led the IR, GA, CSR, Synergy team.

Lim Young Jin graduated from the department of business administration at Korea University in 1986.

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