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Topher White is the Founder and CEO of Rainforest Connection. Topher has experience building systems for large and small startups as well as international science projects, including four years working on nuclear fusion at ITER in France. He has received multiple accolades for his work, including being named a National Geographic Emerging Explorer, a Draper-Richards-Kaplan Fellow and an “Engineering Hero” by the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers. 

Topher’s background is primarily in physics, software development, and communication, having received a degree in physics at Kenyon College and going on to work for years at SLAC National Accelerator Lab (High Energy Physics) and the ITER Organization (Nuclear Fusion) in France. Along the way, he also served as the Chief Technology Officer for two startups in San Francisco, where he obtained industry-level experience in software development — the foundation of the Rainforest Connection platform.

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