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Dr Zhand received her PhD in cancer biology from Columbia University, and a postdoctoral training in systems biology at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, with a DARPA IPTO special commendation in 2005 for the development of a Bio-computing platform.  She managed decision analytics for autoimmune, respiratory, oncology, and infectious diseases at Roche until 2009, and led translational analytics for Eli Lilly’s late-stage oncology and immunology drugs.  Concerned with the cancer epidemic in Asia, she initiated the digitalisation of cancer patient navigation process in 2013 and led the development of a Chinese cancer therapy management platform from 2015 to 2019, winning an 2019 ASCO Breakthrough award in “AI to improve patient outcomes” for the feasibility study in collaboration with Beijing Cancer Hospital.  In 2019, she drafted a private/public collaboration plan with Chinese Anti-Cancer Association’s patient advocacy branch to continue the care navigation support of Chinese lymphoma patients and launched ONEiHEALTH (HK) in 2019 to take the learnings global, in collaboration with patient advocate groups and clinicians in SE Asia.


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