Ted Sun

| Transcontinental University

| President & CEO

Personal Vision: Being a Global Change Leader who enables systemic shifts in thought around the world!

Dr. Sun has the knowledge of two terminal degrees as well as global experiences with leaders in business, educational institutions, and governments. In addition, he has an abundance of passion, integrity, and innovation that fuels his work.

Even before the pandemic hit the world, Dr. Sun saw the lack of systemic thought and problem prevention skills in many leaders across the world. Since no business schools were developing these key skills, he built holistic solutions for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DE&I) and ESG focused on complex intelligence and skills development like none other in the world. Leveraging his two doctorate degrees, one in psychology and the other in business management, along with an elite group of professors, consultants, authors, and thought leaders, he launched the first in the world Executive MBA in Inclusive Leadership and, recently, Executive MBA in ESG Strategy and Culture that address the current challenges with sustainability.

Over the past two decades, Dr. Sun has many global achievements in numerous leadership roles. As a world-renowned motivational speaker, he has inspired thousands of lives across multiple continents. Numerous major media outlets have referred to Dr. Sun’s expertise, such as NBC & ABC, Forbes, New York City Harold, and World University News at the national and international levels. As an academic, Dr. Sun has worked at some of the world’s most prestigious universities across the world. He led the field of faculty development systems in national higher education reform project in Mongolia and guided the first Chinese business school to achieve US business accreditation. As a consultant, Dr. Sun has helped business leaders solve numerous problems and prevent future ones from occurring. As a researcher and author, Dr. Sun has led global research initiatives along with published books. His current research focuses on the systemic impact of DE&I and ESG programs. As a systems thinker, he has combined all of those experiences into holistic consulting solutions that revolutionize the industry of people systems.

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