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Spencer is the Founder of Noble Money, the organization behind the gold backed sovereign currency, the Noble Dollar. Noble is backed by top venture funds such as 8 VC, Tribe Capital, Hard Yaka, and more. Spencer is the founding partner of Transform Capital, a private alternative investment firm focused on funding ideas that improve the human condition. Transform has invested in over 30 companies alongside reputable investors such as Andreessen Horowitz, Founders Fund, Google Ventures, and many others. These investments include a wide variety of companies from fully regulated banks and trust companies to organ printing and cancer treatment focused companies. Some notable early-stage investments include Carta, SpaceX, BitMain, and Ripple. Spencer was the seed investor and early executive of Securitize.io, the leading asset fractionalization company, whose investors include MUFG, Santander, Sony Ventures, SoftBank, and more. Spencer has done extensive advising for investment funds and financial institutions as well as early-stage start-ups and late-stage companies. He also advised multiple governments at all levels on financial technology and their approach to attracting foreign direct investment. Spencer is a member of Concordia Summit, Silicon Valley Blockchain Society, and CATO Institute.

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