Roxana Fabris López Piña

| Construyendo a México Crecemos, IAP

| President of "Construyendo a México Crecemos, IAP"

Roxana graduated from Universidad Iberoamericana, where she received a degree in architecture and a degree in business administration. Her professional experience as an architect is focused in areas such as the housing industry, real estate development, infrastructure, and construction, specializing in issues related to communication and the creation and administration of business plans.

Since 2017, she has served as the Executive President of Fundación Construyendo y Creciendo, which seeks the educational development of construction workers, to improve their quality of life through education and training.

In 2000, together with the newspaper El Economista, she developed an editorial project aimed at disseminating the values of the construction and housing industries, a project that was consolidated with the specialized publications: Construcción, Vivienda, Plusvalía and Crédito Especializado. She was the editor of these publications and was involved in the editing of more than 30 books.

In 2002, in partnership with architect Horacio Urbano, Roxana founded Centro Urbano, an organization focused on communicating the latest reports and trends in the national real estate sector. This is done through a portfolio of specialized media with websites, magazines, newspapers, books, events and networking projects. Roxana is the current the General Director of Centro Urbano.

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