Roni Hirsch

| Erê Lab

| Creative Director / Founder

Roni Hirsch is an artist, designer and non-formal educator, he has developed public playspaces in Brazil for almost 10 years with experience in building culturally inclusive spaces, programs in childhood development and urban landscapes and equipment. Roni attended Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado where he graduated with an Arts and Design degree. Roni has worked in different fields including fashion, movies, fine arts, and urban installations.

He continues to actively contribute to public space installations through social citizenship programs. Roni created Erê Lab in 2013, as a social impact company to focus on protecting the rights of children in urban contexts based on Brazilian culture. He and His Partner helo Paoli founded Erê Lab in 2014. They also created the Cooperê in 2017, a social methodology to build playspaces and equipment based on the listening process within low-income communities around Brazil.

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