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Roan Yarn is Founder & CEO Cointinuum/BRX, a domestic, tokenized digital-assets real estate investment firm that provides access to real estate investment projects and social impact enterprises via equity and debt participation structures, programs, and partnerships. Our financial products, which pathways to blockchain based decentralized finance with investments in cryptocurrencies, technology, and real estate, that help create jobs and democratize real estate investments by providing access to commercial real estate investments with no minimum amount, term restrictions or penalties.

Established in 2018, Cointinuum BRX is committed to community redevelopment and economic development in underserved, predominantly minority communities. Roan is member of the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce and serves on the board of Lantern Theater Company, a non-profit theater company in Philadelphia. His interest in both technology and the arts has informed his approach to community stewardship. As a thought leader in the blockchain technology space Roan strives to elevate awareness of the need for diversity in tech as an instrument of unleashing the valuable and transformative innovation within these communities.

Roan has been a real estate investor and licensed agent for more that 20 years. His career in investment properties is punctuated by his acquisition of a series 7 license in 2006, assignments as a Financial Advisor at American Express, and as Program Manager at the City of Atlanta Land Bank Authority. He earned a BA in Psychology from Morehouse College and an MBA from Jack Welch Management Institute at Strayer University.

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