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Ravindra Ngo is driven by the mission to build a community of thought, business, and young leaders across Asia to strengthen a “Leadership for good” movement and to share insights and knowledge from Experts throughout our webinars, conferences & conversation series. https://www.asiannetwork.online/intelligence

The Asian Network is mainly composed of Government Officials, C-Level positions, High Net worth Individuals, Entrepreneurs, Academics, and Ivy League Alumni & Young Leaders. They demonstrate strong achievements and peer-recognition such as Forbes under 30 List, TED’x Speakers, United Nations prizes, Asia Society 21 and World Economic Forum.

Topics center around building tech for a better world while supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals such as Climate action, Gender equality, and Youth Empowerment.

In February 2020, Ravindra was selected by the World Economic Forum in their “ASEAN Expert” Network.

He is also a speaker and columnist for the World Economic Forum and China News Daily.

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