Rafal Modrzewski

| Model World Trade Organisation Edinburgh

| Founder

Rafał co-founded Model World Trade Organization Edinburgh in 2019 at the University of Edinburgh, which mission is to empower potential future decision-makers in multilateral negotiation skills by organising a simulation of WTO ongoing talks. In 2019 he became a student delegate of the EU at the World Trade Organisation HQ in Geneva during a simulation of WTO talks about reforming and improving the WTO trade negotiation process and dispute resolution via the Appellate Body. After having the possibility to talk to WTO experts and Ambassadors he understood that the World Trade Organisation helps achieve peace by providing legal frameworks for the free movement of goods and services.

He became interested in how international cooperation can create peace and security. In 2022 he took part in Davos 2022 conferences to exchange ideas about making the world a fairer, more inclusive place and secure place.

Since 2022 Rafal has also focused on providing ESG consulting services for organisations that want to be pioneers in ESG adoption.

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