Parin Makadia

| iso20400plus Ltd

| Founder, Director & CEO

  • International sustainable procurement & supply chain promoter with experience from Fortune 500 MNCs like Philips, Panasonic & Toshiba as well as offshore MNC drilling engineering giant – Transocean.
  • Expert at using ISO20400 (sustainable procurement and supply chain) to create competitive advantage, increase revenue, reduce cost and nurture partnerships.
  • Proficient evaluator of more than 500+ sustainability concepts, frameworks, standards and audits.
  • Launched & created celeste © sustainability concept and framework to accelerate world’s transition to sustainable procurement and supply chain.
  • Launched  to engage, guide, motivate & recognise sustainability professionals, enthusiasts, non-profit organisations, social enterprises as well as for-profit organisations. The not-for-profit initiative “The SPSC Ambassador” is now recognised and valued in around 100 countries globally.
  • Experience includes sustainable project procurement management, strategic sourcing, category management, demand planning, budgeting, international logistics as well as shipyard/offshore projects.
  • Physically worked in 4 continents, 9 countries, and with 50+ nationalities.
  • Physical work locations include UK-Norway-Spain-Netherlands-USA-India-Congo-Gabon-Angola.

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