Matheus Machado

| Relife Finance & Planning

| Founder and CEO

Matheus Machado is the founder and CEO of Relife Finance & Planning. He is a member of Uniapac ( and Economy of Francesco (, has been a reference about financial education and entrepreneurship.
He`s a propagator of planning tips and financial education through social networks. Considering that knowledge cannot be restricted only to those who can pay for the services, it is necessary to offer people free of charge.

He created a Financial Education Channel launched in October 2018 to bring day-to-day content such as improving personal management, business, investments, and various other topics related to entrepreneurship and the financial universe.

Matheus is also the founder of Fintech Vale Ouro, a financial education app that seeks to raise awareness of how people relate to money and how this can be improved through small daily steps, and currently a partner at fintech Plific that seeks financially include people from classes C, D and E.

He also works and volunteers with Public and Private Schools to disseminate Financial Education concepts and promote more inclusion.

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