Manuel Carvallo

| Hispanic Wealth, LLC

| President

Manuel Carvallo is the president and founder of Hispanic Wealth, a consulting firm based in Atlanta, GA serving the financial needs of Hispanics in the United States.

For more than 35 years Manuel has served the retirement needs of his clients; pension plans, institutional investors, financial institutions, and individuals in both the United States and Latin America. His experience includes consulting to defined benefit and defined contribution pension plans on topics like governance, risk, asset allocation, and performance monitoring.

Manuel’s biggest professional challenge by far began ten years ago when he committed to find a solution to help Latinos prepare for retirement in the United States. The challenge is particularly difficult  when considering the conditions that affect the immigrant population.

As a consequence of the research conducted to understand the Retirement Expectations of Mexican Immigrants, he focuses on providing culturally-relevant financial education at scale.

The complex situation of undocumented immigrants in their preparation for retirement was captured in his article; A Demographic Time Bomb: The Urgent Need to Prepare Undocumented Hispanic Immigrants for Retirement.

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