Les Cowie

| Promising People Enterprises, LLC

| President and CEO

Les Cowie – Founder, CEO and Board Memberwww.promisingpeople.com
Les conceived the learning systems approach used by PP.  It is innovative but proven in multiple businesses employing people with limited education and limited skills.  His 7 Steps LMS, Inc approach (www.7stepslms.com) relies heavily on the Pareto 20/80 principle.  PP’s courses deliver learning experiences developing high productivity results for the 20% of tasks that are performed 80% of the time in any technical job.  PP teaches how to avoid and resolve the 20% of faults and safety hazards that occur 80% of the time on the job, The Pre-Apprentice approach does not seek to replace the current apprentice system.  It aims to increase the flow of appropriate skilled people into the apprentice and master journeyworker system.  PP uses current state of the art software and VR hardware solutions from the major providers in the USA.

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