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Jorge Ardila is the President of the Board of Directors of companies including Organización San Francisco, Inema S.A., Empreandinos, and independent member in Protección Inmobiliaria – PROTECSA S.A., Servisexta S.A., Autobuses AGA de Colombia S.A. Facilitator in Continuous Improvement Processes at Andes University. Jorge is a specialist in experiential education processes, a researcher and professor at the Faculty of Administration at Andes University and Javeriana and Uniempresarial. He is also a quality auditor certified by the Bureau Veritas and has been an entrepreneur since 1994 and creator of the firms Cambio Organizacional Consultores, a corporation for the comprehensive management of business development (CORPOGESTIÓN) and Oferta Colombia S.A.S.

Jorge is an expert speaker and motivator, based on basic principles in pursuit of comprehensive human development where he has been able to reach over 215,000 people in 12,000 hours of training and 28 years of experience. He is international speaker certified by the Association of Hispanic Speakers, Mexico. Jorge is a professor at the EUDE Business School for the Senior Management Program in Executive Leadership and a business consultant in the areas of strategic direction, entrepreneurship and business development, corporate social responsibility (CSR), cultural transformation, customer service, and associative processes, for different public and private companies, where the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce stands out. Jorge holds a diploma in Consultant Training, from the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, a diploma in Corporate Social Responsibility from UniExternado-BID-Confecamaras, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a specialty in Project Management from the University of Viña del Mar, Chile, and an Industrial Engineer degree from the University of the Andes.

Jorge is a happy Catholic, practitioner of the faith, who has defined as his life purpose to “help other human beings to rediscover their greatness.”

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