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Ina von Turow is an economist, with degrees from London School of Economics and Political Science and Universita Luigi Bocconi in Milan. She also holds a postgraduate degree in philosophy from the University of Cambridge. She started her career at McKinsey & Company and stayed in corporate life for ten years before becoming an entrepreneur. After becoming disillusioned with capitalism, she decided to devote herself to making capitalism work for more people. The aim must be to allow as many people as possible to live a life they actually want, whilst living off the fruits of their own enterprise. Her mantra is: “Philantropy is good. Fair taxation better. But what will truly change society for the better is when more capital is allocated to business models that create more winners.” FNDR (“Finder”), was created to do exactly that. FNDR aims to create commercial ecosystems that champion Localism, the optimal use of commercial resources to benefit local residents. The FNDR platform will preserve and create local jobs, decrease CO2 from transport and keep moneyflows in the areas in which they are generated. FNDR’s platform chimes with the 15-Minute City concept.

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