Hernando Rubio

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| CEO & Co-founder

Hernando Rubio is a serial entrepreneur with a track record in bringing early-stage technology products and transforming them into projects that hack disruptive growth. His work in more than 19 companies over the last 15 years has combined innovative products, technologies, and business models in developing markets to create a real impact across the region.

As an entrepreneur, Rubio has encountered several obstacles and breakthroughs. Nevertheless, he’s always driven on building great companies with high-performing teams focused on challenging the status quo, always taking into account the massive transformational purpose to end scarcity and change the financial system’s rules through the power of technology.

He’s the proud co-founder of Movii a company born to completely disrupt the banking world and make financial inclusion a reality. This company brings to the table a real state-of-the-art, fully transparent, and completely fair ecosystem for the people in Latam.

Movii for those who know that the world is full of injustice but decided to get up and change things; it’s for those who want to be part of a different system.

Hernando is a business leader and a keynote speaker, with participation in different boards of directors and also the proud co-founder of Moviired a company with more than 60,000 points of sale around Colombia.

He earned his undergraduate degree in Business Management from Jorge Tadeo Lozano University and an E-Business Management degree from UIS. In addition, Rubio has done several courses at Harvard University on financial inclusion.

Rubio’s mission is to inspire millions of young people to change the world with the power of ideas and technology. Today he sets his objective from the business field but hopefully one day as the coach of a soccer team. His personal motto is: “You run as fast as the dog that chases you.”

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