Gabriela Tomasini


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Gabriela has thirty years of experience as a trader within the international market of agricultural products from Argentina, USA, and China. She is retired from the trade business, yet she keeps an eye on it. She enjoys its movement and possibilities—the markets are boosted by those human subjects who captivate her with their enigmas.  She is the founder of “Plan País Argentina”, an NGO established in view of the concern about the country’s persistent decline. The 66% of poverty among children aged under 14 outrages her, since she considers that Argentina, if well managed, has what it takes to be a prosperous country. 

Most of her time is spent on the study and research of philosophy. She believes that this subject must fill the schools as well as the streets. This approach to philosophy is an essential part of the job that she performs in “Plan País Argentina”: to combine massiveness, reflection, and knowledge in order to bring about the paradigm shift that her country imperiously needs. This year she is finishing her degree on Philosophy at Universidad del Salvador in Buenos Aires; and she does a lot of writing: poetry, stories, essays, academic reflections. She also dances and meditates every day. Gabriela loves travelling and taking pictures. For more than a decade she has been working on a series called “Women of the world.” Being fascinated by nature and a passionate gardener, she has grown thousands of trees and she cultivates her garden with care.  

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