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Frank van den Driest is passionate, pragmatic, and highly results-oriented. He is a well-known thought leader and a former consultant in global brand marketing strategy development and implementation.

In 2019, Frank co-founded the Institute for Real Growth. This not-for-profit organization aims to help CMOs and other growth leaders drive more humanized growth by connecting them to peers and experts through live-action programs inspired by thought leadership.

Frank has co-authored two cover articles in the Harvard Business Review – ‘Building an Insights Engine’ in 2016 and ‘The Ultimate Marketing Machine’ in 2014. The latter made the best-selling issue in the entire history of HBR. Most recently, the Da Vinci CMO article was published by FAST Company. He has written several books, among which the bestselling ‘The Global Brand CEO’. Frank has been invited as an inspirational keynote speaker for Cannes Lions, ESOMAR, the MMA, the ARF, PMRG, Fachtagung, and many others.

Frank has led countless purpose-led growth journeys for global brands like Shell, Unilever, Sony, ING, AkzoNobel, Pepsi, GSK, and many others. He now spends his time coaching global marketing and business leaders on Humanizing Business Growth and effective leadership and acting as a non-executive Board member for Fresh Forces.

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