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Frances Zelazny is Co-Founder & CEO of Anonybit, a decentralized biometrics infrastructure (not blockchain!) that is breaking new ground in the area of user privacy and digital security. With over 25 years of experience scaling up enterprise SaaS companies in cyber, fintech, digital identity and analytics, Frances leads with strong vision and operational capacity. 

In prior roles, Frances has led marketing and strategy teams at L-1 Identity Solutions, MyCheck, BioCatch, Signals Analytics, CommerceIQ among others, and has run her own business consultancy where she helped fast-growth companies succeed and scale. She has worked extensively with C-level executives and multilateral organizations to establish public policy around the use of biometrics in the context of social and economic development. Since her early days in biometrics, Frances has been an outspoken advocate for consumer privacy and the responsible use of biometrics and has helped craft regulations that guide the collection, usage and sharing of biometric data. 

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