Nasrullah Khan

| The Center for Peace and Development Balochistan

| Executive Director

Dr. Nasrullah Khan is the Executive Director of the Centre for Peace and Developement Balochistan. Prior to leading the CPD, he worked for a variety of high impact organizations such as Oxfam’s—GB Pakistan Programme. Through his high impact career, Dr. Khan cultivated his proficiency in Project Management, Social Mobilization, Disaster Resilience, Policy Advocacy Campaigns, and Natural Resource Management. He holds a Ph.D. in. Disaster Managemnt and Development studies from the University of Balochistan, Quetta, an M. Phil  in Environment Management Policy from the University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences (BUITEMS) Balochistan, and a M.Sc in Rural Development from the WHE Collage University of London Link Program University of Jamshoro Sindh.

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