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Co-founder, CEO & CTO of DeHealth, technology entrepreneur, blockchain and Web 3.0 enthusiast.

More than 13 years of experience in IT: from building a business architecture of products to developing and implementing new concepts for the market. Thus, Mr Tsvaig developed the New Internet Model (Distributed Network), which was implemented together with the international team of Suntri Inc. experts.

Blockchain enthusiast who turned into reality software solutions in the field of cybersecurity and the medical industry, in particular, based on blockchain and ML technologies. In the UK, in 2014, launched a pilot project of the world’s first digital share on a blockchain ledger. In terms of business, Mr Tsvaig follows the concept, when technology intersects with a scientific approach. As head of the National Cybersecurity Association of Ukraine, Mr Tsvaig has published many studies on the impact of technology and innovation on macroeconomics and healthcare.

Author of the term “Decentralized Globalization”, today Mr Tsvaig is working on a book about how cyber attacks became one of the main weapons in the war, in particular in 2022.

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