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Dan Carter is the CEO and Founder of the Canadian Hemp Farmers Alliance.

Dan farms hemp, as well consults his services to land owners and farmer by helping them source the hemp seed genetics, farming , harvesting, watering, and drying equipment.

Dan Carter has also been funded by the Canadian Federal and Provincial government to help create Hemp fibre filled Plastics which can be molded into various consumer products, all the way to 3D printed houses.

Dan Carter intends to also conduct research and development to create products like:

  1. Hemp liquid fuel for automobiles, jets, airplanes, farming machinery
  2. Hemp solid energy pellets
  3. Hemp flexible plastic packaging
  4. Hemp pulp corrugated packaging
  5. Hemp auto moile parts
  6. Hemp building materials
  7. Hemp textile yarns and fabrics
  8. Hemp non woven insulation
  9. Hemp Battery storage units that work with solar panels and other fuel sources
  10. Hemp soil remediation mulch
  11. Hemp animal feed

The Canadian Hemp Farmers Alliance intends to commercialize each of these projects and ensure there are manufacturing facilities in every country that has legalized hemp cultivation, processing, sale.

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