Christopher Freeman

| BHN-Basic Human Needs Inc.

| CEO/Founder

Christopher Freeman’s design journey has lead him to the creation of this visionary corporation in which will forever change the global retail market. With a combination of vision and design, Christopher’s passion to help humanity is creatively intertwined into the business model of BHN-Basic Human Needs Inc. The BHN corporation is parallel with the forth industrial revolution and will set new trends for the future of retail and products. As CEO of BHN, it is his duty to understand the global shift and new technologies in which can be seamlessly integrated with the BHN platform. To create a corporation for the people by the people is Christopher Freeman’s humble and greatest achievement as a designer, as a human being.

Christopher is a graduate of SCAD-Savannah College of Art and Design (Savannah Campus)-The institution of creative professional. He has a degree in illustration design BFA 1992. He is also a graduate of Sol C. Johnson High School-Thunderbolt, Georgia 1983.

Born in a small town in Savannah Georgia called Thunderbolt Georgia. Christopher is the 4th child of 11 born to Vallee and Helen Freeman. Christopher was born into the family business started by his father. Freeman & Sons was the first and only mechanic shop in Thunderbolt Georgia established in 1970. At an very early age Christopher learned all aspects of the family business from his father and mentor. From the family business he most importantly learned the use of ones talents and passion to service the people. His father instilled in young Christopher, strong work ethics and insight to recognize opportunity growth within a business.

Christopher Freeman was born with the incredible gift to draw along with a very creative imagination. This combination of creativity is the key to his success in the design industry. The strength of an illustrator designer must possess visionary skills in order to transform words and ideas into functional visual communications. This spectrum of skill is used in all areas of product and service development throughout global markets. Illustrator designers are global trend setters, for they are the creators of making the impossible, visually and functionally possible. Christopher strongly practice this formula, he understands many problems can be solve by creative design solutions.

Christopher has established himself as a design leader, creating cutting edge products and companies for world markets. Through many years in the design industry, Christopher has managed design projects producing a wide variety of products for himself and many clients. He is committed to developing trend setting design solutions and services from creative mind to finish product, he leads creative business adventures to markets.

Christopher’s creativity crosses into original designing development, product development, prototyping,  product manufacturing, product presentations, product marketing, business strategy, business imaging, system change, and economics. He develops the visual tools and creative solutions needed to bring new original product direction to markets.


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