Andrei Cherny

| Aspiration

| CEO and Co-Founder

Andrei Cherny is CEO of Aspiration, a sustainability as a service company integrating
climate change-fighting action into what people and businesses do every day.
Andrei has been an advisor to Fortune 100 companies, a senior fellow at Harvard’s John F.
Kennedy School of Government and at the Center for American Progress, a Navy reserve
officer, a financial fraud prosecutor, and an advisor in the Gore, Kerry and Obama
presidential campaigns. A former White House aide, President Clinton called Andrei a
“critical part of the team” which brought about the economic successes of the 1990s. As the
co-founder and president of Democracy journal, Andrei helped launch the fight for what
became the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
His 2000 book, “The Next Deal,” outlined how technology was transforming the
expectations of consumers and citizens. He is also author of the bestselling, “The Candy
Bombers” about the occupation of Germany and the beginning of the Cold War. He
graduated from Harvard University and from the University of California Berkeley law

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