Achieving a Just Transition:
Framework for Company Action

Support suppliers in their Just transition path

Key Activities

  • Work with suppliers to support their just energy transition path by mitigating some of their risks, and adopting new sourcing requirements.

  • Work with suppliers to identify and capitalize on opportunities for positive social impact.

  • Partner with governments, companies, and multilateral development banks to develop initiatives supporting suppliers through just energy transition path

See it in action

Investment in livelihoods

ACEN has piloted the circularity approach in its 120 MW solar plant in Alaminos, Laguna construction site, diverting away from landfills a total of 32,540 kg of plastic collected from the solar panel packaging materials – or the equivalent of about 25 compact size cars – to be upcycled into eco-bricks and utilize in building the solar plant facilities. 

ACEN aims to scale up this waste management program and implement it in the company’s project developments in the Philippines, influence our supplier/contractor partners and create a ripple effect towards sustainable development.

Educate and Reward Supply Chain

Eni’s JUST (Join Us in a Sustainable Transition) Initiative addresses all suppliers to involve them in Eni’s fair and sustainable energy transition process, enhancing environmental protection, economic development, and social growth in the procurement process.

In the qualification phase, sustainability criteria is introduced to assess supplier performance, and in the tender phase, rewarding mechanisms are adopted to encourage suppliers’ best practices. In addition, as part of the JUST initiative, workshops with qualified Eni suppliers are launched to discuss the opportunities for the adoption of circular economy models, sustainability initiatives and lay the foundations for a common sustainable development path (Eni, 2020).

Who's measuring these actions?

We provide alignments with popular progress assessments to offer context and connection within the broader Just Transition movement.

World Benchmark Alliance

Just Transition Indicator 6 Metric d: Company demonstrates advocacy, directly and/or indirectly through trade associations and/or employer’s organizations, for just transition policies and regulations that enable generation of green and decent jobs and the retention, education and reskilling of workers and/or social protection of workers and affected stakeholders at local, national and/ or international level.