Achieving a Just Transition:
Framework for Company Action

Strive for consumer fairness, pre-empting or mitigating adverse impacts and sharing benefits

Key Activities

  • Develop just energy transition plans that consider impacts on consumers and including initiatives to support them.
  • Develop flexible solutions for consumers to mitigate increased costs of energy and commodities due to net zero transition.
  • Proactively share opportunities and advice on improving energy efficiency with consumers.

See it in action

Power purchase agreements

ACEN’s geographic reach, combined with its experience across all renewable energy platforms, allows them to deliver efficient renewable energy solutions that meet client requirements for direct access, physical and virtual power purchase agreements (PPAs), as well as green energy certificates.

ACEN’s customers are partners in enabling new renewable energy developments through sustainable investing. They aim to develop and operate renewable energy projects for corporations that want predictable energy costs, mitigated risk, and economies of scale.

Customer Savings at scale

SSE’s electricity distribution business, SSEN Distribution, published its £4.1bn draft business plan for powering communities to net zero in a smart and fair way. Within this plan, which will be submitted to the UK energy regulator in December 2021 following refinement, SSEN Distribution has committed to facilitating the roll-out of low-carbon infrastructure such as heat pumps and EVs, and supporting 200,000 customers in vulnerable situations with targeted fuel poverty, personal resilience or energy efficiency measures.

SSEN Distribution already works with a number of partners, to support customers. For example, through the network of member partners such as National Energy Action and Energy Action Scotland, SSEN helped over 3,700 customers save money and stay warm in 2020 and 2021. To facilitate access to Low Carbon Technologies, SSEN Distribution has also committed to build partnerships and provide additional support through a £1.25m company-funded accessibility fund.

Who's measuring these actions?

We provide alignments with popular progress assessments to offer context and connection within the broader Just Transition movement.

World Benchmark Alliance

Just Transition Indicator 2 Metric d: Company has set time-bound, measurable indicators to manage and mitigate the social impacts of low carbon transition on its business relationships (entities and individuals in both the upstream and downstream part of the value chain).

Climate Action 100+

Disclosure Indicator 9 – Just Transition
Sub-indicator 9.2 – Metric b) The company’s Just Transition plan was developed in consultation with workers, communities and other key stakeholders affected by its decarbonisation efforts.