Achieving a Just Transition:
Framework for Company Action

Promote diversity, economic inclusion, and equal access to opportunities

Key Activities

  • Develop standards and initiatives around recruiting, hiring, and investing in vulnerable and affected groups.
  • Work with partners and governments to promote targeted learning and skilling opportunities to increase diversity in STEM subjects.

See it in action

Balancing workforce gender ratio

At ACEN, male employees constitute most of the workforce across all energy plants (78%). Management has mandated an increase in hiring of female employees at operation sites to balance out the disparity and attain a balanced gender ratio and inclusivity.

The head office average ratio between men (49%) and women (51%) is almost equal, with a good ratio at all levels (staff, managerial and executive). The company provides wellness benefits across levels, regardless of their employment status, and business units from the usual medical insurance to Covid Care Plans.

Initiatives for multidimensional inclusion

In Spain, Repsol is a benchmark company when it comes to incorporating people with disabilities into the labor market through its responsible purchasing policy, accessibility policy at work centers, and its employability programs.

Repsol has also developed plans for communication, awareness-raising and training initiatives to promote LGTBI-inclusive environments. Since 2020, Repsol has hosted a group of LGTBI Allies among its employees that currently has more than 140 members from 10 different countries including Spain, Brazil, United States, among other regions. Repsol has also committed to a target of 35% women in leadership positions by 2025. As part of this commitment, they fund the ‘Repsol Digital Girls’ program to promote an interest in STEM disciplines among girls. Repsol also participates in ClosinGap, a cluster of companies that analyzes the economic impact on society as a whole of the lack of equal opportunities for women, and the company participates in the Global Business Disability Network from ILO.

Moving forward, the challenge will be effectively scaling diversity and inclusion opportunities across the workforce through the Diversity and Inclusion Committee renewed in 2020.

Who's measuring these actions?

We provide alignments with popular progress assessments to offer context and connection within the broader Just Transition movement.

World Benchmark Alliance

Just Transition Indicator 3 Metric d): Company demonstrates the measures it takes to ensure that the green and decent jobs embed equality of opportunity for women and vulnerable groups

Just Transition Indicator 1 Metric d): Company demonstrates social dialogue and meaningful engagement with stakeholders on all aspects of a just transition

Just Transition Indicator 6 Metric d): Company demonstrates advocacy, directly and/or indirectly through trade associations and/or employer’s organizations, for just transition policies and regulations that enable generation of green and decent jobs and the retention, education and reskilling of workers and/or social protection of workers and affected stakeholders at local, national and/ or international level.

Core Social Indicator 14 – Gender equality and women’s empowerment fundamentals Element a): The company has a public commitment to gender equality and women’s empowerment. See full list of WBA Core Social Indicators.

Climate Action 100+

Disclosure Indicator 9 – Just Transition

Sub-indicator 9.2 Metric a) The company has developed a Just Transition plan for how it aims to support workers and communities negatively affected by its decarbonization efforts.