Achieving a Just Energy Transition: A Framework for Company Action
Create decent jobs through low carbon infrastructure

Key Activities

  • Develop infrastructure plans, investment policies and initiatives to create secure, quality jobs that respect labor rights ensuring engagement with affected stakeholders.

  • Take measures to provide and support access to green and decent jobs for workers and communities dependent on high-carbon assets.

  • Work with suppliers to ensure that new assets lead to decent, formal job creation across the supply chain in line with ILO’s decent work Agenda.

See it in action

Finding feasible expansion

Anglo American is collaborating with South Africa’s Department of Science and Innovation (DSI), energy and service company ENGIE, the South African Development Institute (SANEDI), and clean energy solutions provider Bambili Energy on a feasibility study for South Africa’s hydrogen valley. 

The collaboration follows the launch of the South African Hydrogen Society Roadmap, aimed at integrating hydrogen into the economy by capitalizing on the country’s platinum group metals resources and renewable energy potential to revitalize and decarbonize key industrial sectors.


local economy boost

bp, in collaboration with Eni, Equinor, Shell and Total, are working to advance the United Kingdom’s net-zero project in a plan to use carbon capture, utilization, and storage infrastructure to transport CO2 from 17 industrial emitters across Teesside and the Humber to secure offshore storage in the North Sea, capturing almost 50% of carbon emissions from all UK industrial clusters.

An independent economic impact assessment suggests that construction will create 9,400 direct jobs and 12,300 indirect jobs each year, in addition to 2,200 direct and 13,300 indirect operational jobs each year. bp hopes to support 5,500 jobs and deliver an annual gross benefit of up to 450 million pounds in the region. bp and their partners are looking to create an average of 25,000 jobs each year up to 2050.

Who's measuring these actions?

We provide alignments with popular progress assessments to offer context and connection within the broader Just Transition movement.

World Benchmark Alliance

Just Transition Indicator 1 Metric d: Company demonstrates social dialogue and meaningful engagement with stakeholders on all aspects of a just transition.

Just Transition Indicator 3 Metric c: Company demonstrates the measures it takes to create and provide or support access to green and decent jobs for workers and other affected stakeholders.

Climate Action 100+

Disclosure Indicator 9 – Just Transition
Sub-indicator 9.4 – Action:
Metric a) The company supports low-carbon initiatives (e.g. regeneration, access to clean and affordable energy, site repurposing) in regions affected by decarbonization.